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Digital Press Release: How to ensure your brand’s story is heard?

Posted on Sep 1 by

You’ve recently sent out a press release announcing your latest company milestone. But are you optimizing all this amazing content for all it’s worth? With 150+ million blogs on the Internet today, 94% of businesses engaging with consumers on one of the “Big Three” social networks and nearly 2,000 press releases distributed over the wire every day, it can be tough to cut through the clutter and ensure your brand voice is heard. Improving your business’ search engine optimization (SEO) through keywords is the key to your success.  The steps listed below will assist you in determining your best-fit keywords for content marketing and help your business achieve greater organic search in today’s most popular search engines. Step 1 – Determine Your Target Audience Start by making a list of your target audience. Remember, there is probably more than one group of people you are trying to reach. Put yourself in the shoes of the searcher and brainstorm what keywords and phrases they might be typing into search engines. Is your company locally based? Does it offer the hottest...


The top winners at Cannes: The World’s Best Outdoor Campaigns of 2014 – 2015

Posted on Jul 1 by

• Apple/iPhone 6 World Gallery, Brendan O, Cielo D, Jirasak P, Cole R, Teppo K Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles/Apple Cupertino Grand Prix —Apple found photos it liked from 162 iPhone 6 users around the world and put them on billboards. In all, the campaign featured more than 10,000 installations in 73 cities in 25 countries. Apple called it “the largest mobile photography gallery in history.” • Unicef Fatty, Nerd Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Chile 2 Gold Lions —Kids aim their phones, firing squad style, at classmates in this anti-cyberbullying campaign from Chile. Copy reads: “One shot is enough. Cyberbullying represents one of the main causes of depression and suicide among kids at school. If you have a smartphone, use it wisely. Don’t kill anyone’s self-esteem. The work also won gold in Press. • Ecofill Ink Cartridges Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Colombia Bogotá Gold Lion —This fun Colombian campaign illustrated the perils of printer ink running out with amusing scenes—one for each of the CMYK colors—showing people losing their clothes at the worst possible...


How Nike Use Social Media [CASE STUDY]

Posted on Jun 7 by

Nike is one of the world’s biggest brands and therefore it comes as no surprise that they have such a huge following on social media. Expectations for their social content are high with the budget they must be working with. They don’t disappoint and they have built quite a name for themselves in the social media world, having produced heaps of viral content and campaigns that really get people talking. As a sports brand, it is important for Nike to perform well on social media, as sports is a sociable activity and sporting events create a huge social media buzz. Check oout how Nike make use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, pinpointing where they excel and how they could improve their social media activity. Instagram: Nike have really strengthened their brand on Instagram. From captivating, carefully shot photographs, to arty videos, Nike’s content is always really high quality and befitting with their brand image, that encourages high energy activity and adventure. Good visual content goes a long way and it seems to be working for Nike as they have 14 million followers on there. Posts...


Marketing enters its third phase: creative utility

Posted on May 7 by

  If the recently concluded OMD Predicts in Dubai has showed us one thing, it is that after the age of awareness and the current age of engagement, we will soon be in the age of creative utility. It may not sound as catchy as the first two but it certainly will prove more interesting for marketers, advertising professionals and consumers. Rise of digital media platforms At the heart of this shift is the rise of digital media platforms, which have given consumers more choice and a stronger voice. The age of engagement was embraced by brands when they established their messaging was generating a response and that was a better sign of marketing performance ROI became somewhat easier to establish. We changed from media delivery measures to media response measures, but we are still talking about proxy measures of performance. To a point, they have limited value to marketers whose goal is to move needles, often in terms of sales, be they measured in volume or value. There are signs that consumers are starting to lose interest in...


Digital PR and The Changing Face of Communications

Posted on Mar 1 by

Digital PR is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search: transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to your target audience online. ‘The Changing Face of Communications’ is a collection of 12 articles written to help the modern marketer tackle everyday digital PR challenges. Written by a selection of LewisPR in-house digital communication practitioners, each article is written in the style of a ‘how to’ with tips and easy-to-follow steps. The eBook is available here. News can be spread further, faster, and more directly to a specific target audience than ever before in history. It allows us to maximize news like never before. Instead of being satisfied with a single placement, news can be shared exponentially. Not only that, but we can use social media, blogs, reviews and content to not just share news, but CREATE DIALOGUE. Connect. Re purpose + Value = Content Marketing One way to incorporate content marketing into mix is to re purpose content you already have (press releases) into fresh content. A single press release can be re-purposed...


Internet Users Send 204 Million Emails Per Minute

Posted on Jan 7 by

A lot can happen in 60 seconds. A decent typist can write approximately 80 words, the Wright brothers can make their historical first flight five times and YouTube users upload 72 hours of footage. While social media can create the sense that the Internet is a small town where everyone is connected and, for the most part, gets along (outside of election season), the truth is quite the opposite. The data transferred on the Internet each minute by its roughly 2.4 billion global users is vast and incomprehensible. In one minute, email users send 204 million messages, Amazon makes about $83,000 in online sales and Apple users download 48,000 apps. On the social front, Facebook users share 2.46 million pieces of content, 277,000 tweets are tweeted and Tinder users swipe left or right 416,667 times. The folks at Domo have created an infographic detailing a chunk of the incredible amount of data the Internet generates each minute. Source:...


Digitalizacija PR eksperata i digitalni alati za PR stručnjake

Posted on Dec 27 by

  Digitalni alati pomažu između ostalog PR stručnjacima da identifikuju trendove i medije za targetiranje priča i ideja za nastanak i komuniciranje novih priča i poruka, za započinjanje konverzacije. U digitalno konektovanom svetu, čija moć raste iz dana u dan, tradicionalni načini rada zastarevaju, pa tako i klasična saopštenja za štampu, kao jedan od alata PR stručnjaka. Danas je moć prihvatanja inovacija koje donosi svet digitala od presudne važnosti i jedan od momenata koji će izdvojiti brendove koji budu uspešno poslovali u budućnosti, ali i odrediti da li će saopštenje za štampu biti prihvaćeno, pročitano, završiti u đubretu ili biti označeno kao spam. Najveće svetske agencije, kompanije i brendovi odavno su prihvatile promene koje su zahtevale promene u načinu razmišljanja, kreiranju kampanja, realizaciji kanala i alata komunikacije. Kada je u pitanju saopštenje za medije više nego ikada računa se inovacija i obogaćen tekst, prilagođen vremenu u kojem želimo da promovišemo određeni brend ili uslugu. Trend je prošle godine najavio i jedan od najpopularnijih svetskih brendova kompanija  Coca – Cola, a Ashley Brown, direktor sektora digitalnih komunikacija i društvenih medija The Coca-Cola Company je izjavio da...


Boje u marketingu: Više od poruke, kreiranje emocija, poziv na akciju

Posted on Nov 6 by

Boja emituje određenu poruku u vezi sa brendom, bitno je da se boja i poruka koju želite da prenesete – nadopunjuju. Osim dizajna, boje nose implicitne poruke koje su interpretirane od strane mozga u vidu osećaja koji mogu promeniti raspoloženje. Kroz korišćenje boja na efektivan način u marketingu, kompanije mogu da isporuče više od poruke, mogu da kreiraju emocije. Boja može da poveća prepoznavanje brenda za osamdeset procenata(Loyola, Maryland study). Preko devedeset procenata odluka baziranih na inicijalnim impresijama determinisane su bojom (Uticaj boja u marketingu). Oglasi u boji pročitani su za 42 procenta više nego crno beli. Pogledajte infografik u kojem je predstavljena razvojna priča u vezi sa bojom, vrednošću i evolucijom logoa svetskih brendova.   (Kliknite ovde) Pogledajte šta se dešava kada logoima čuvenih svetskih brendova promenimo boje?  Grafički dizajner Paula Rupolo, došla je na ideju da se poigra sa bojama logoa čuvenih svetskih brendova i da testira koliko daleko su čuveni brendovi, njihovi logoi i boje prodrli u našu svest sa ciljem da otkrije koji je efekat – zamenila je boje brendova sa bojama najvećeg konkurenta. Coca Cola logo je tako postao...


Ključni elementi strategije sadržajnog marketinga

Posted on Oct 5 by

Content marketing ili sadržajni marketing – marketing format koji uključuje kreiranje i deljenje sadržaja sa ciljem da stigne do svojih korisnika, u centralnom delu anatomije sadrži kvalitetan, originalan, izvorni sadržaj. Informacija može biti prezentovana u najrazličitijim formatima, uključujući vest, video, e-knjigu, infografik, studije slučaja, članke, fotografije. Content marketing nije fokusiran direktno na prodaju, već na komunikaciju sa korisnikom. Pogledajte zašto je kvalitetan sadržaj srce integrisanog targetiranog marketing pristupa. Kvalitetan sadržaj – dodata vrednost za brendove i povećanje marketinškog dosega Kvalitetan, originalan sadržaj našao je svoje centralno mesto u anatomiji sadržajnog marketinga i predstavlja dodatu vrednost za robne marke koju mogu iskoristiti kako bi povećale svoj marketinški doseg. Jedan od stručnjaka sadržajnog marketinga Chris Lake, došao je na ideju da sadržajni marketing prikaže kroz Periodni sistem elemenata sadržajnog marketinga, ispirisan Periodnim sistemom elemenata Dmitrija Mendeljeva. (Kliknite ovde  za uvećanje ilustracije.) The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris...


Svetski brendovi: Od najkreativnijih do najbizarnijih kampanja

Posted on Sep 24 by

Ponedeljak jutro. Krenuli ste pre posla na trčanje i na sred šetališta, stoji đžinovska lobanja zmaja. Na putu ka poslu, na fontani na Trgu Nikole Pašića, vidite velike mehure od sapunice i gomilu predimenzioniranih šoljica za kafu u fontani koja je pretvorena u sudoperu. Potom prolazite pored Trga Republike i ugledate veliko veštačko sunce i gomilu ležaljki u januaru mesecu. Odlučujete da kupite burger za doručak, na kasi vas pitaju da li ste levoruki ili desnoruki, sa objašnjenjem da su sastojci izrotirani za 180 stepeni. Po izlasku, pored vas proleće fudbalska lopta pravo sa bilborda iznad vaše glave. Ulazite na posao, sedate za kompjuter i vidite da je vaše pismo žalbe koje ste poslali avio kompaniji kojom ste nedavno putovali objavljeno javno na Twitter– u i da ga je videlo tri miliona ljudi. Postoji mogućnost da bi upravo tako izgledao jedan vaš dan, da su u istom danu i gradu, paralelno bile realizovane kampanje brendova Adidas, Burger King, Heineken, Game of Thrones, Tropikana… # 1 Kako je Ričard Brenson rešio problem frustriranog putnika? Frustrirani putnik kompanije Virgin Airlines napisao...


The Driving Forces Behind Storytelling

Posted on Sep 16 by

The past 10 years have seen some of the most rapid evolution in all of communication history. The Carabiner infographic “10 Years of Storytelling” gives an interesting history of the past ten years. One thing that binds humans over generations is the need to tell stories. While that need hasn’t changed, the mediums through which they relay those stories has evolved greatly. ​Source: PR...


Mikro-plaćanje za onlajn novinarstvo:Kako će korisnici plaćati za vesti osnovno pitanje opstanka medija

Posted on Aug 23 by

Rasprava o tome da li će čitaoci plaćati za vesti nužno mora da obuhvati i raspravu o tome na koji način će plaćati: kroz neku vrstu pretplate ili na neki znatno fragmentiraniji način plaćanja. Paul Dinulescu, osnivač onlajn izdavačke platforme Niuzly koja koristi sistem “mikro plaćanja” da bi platila svoje blogere i novinare frilensere, veruje da je upravo pitanje kako će korisnici plaćati za vesti osnovno pitanje opstanka medija uopšte. “Nije tačno da ljudi ne žele da plate za vesti ili novinarski sadržaj, ali je tačno da ljudi imaju odbojnost prema plaćanju kroz kanale koji trenutno postoje”, objašnjava Dinulescu dok govori o pokretanju svog startapa za portal On nagoveštava promenu u razmišljanju informacionog potrošača u pogledu paušalnog plaćanja – plaćanja za cele novine i digitalne pretplate za sajt – nešto mnogo improvizovanije i fragmentiranije. To je, zapravo, plaćanje za pojedinačne članke iz mora publikacija koje pomalo liči na kupovinu singlova na iTunes prodavnici ili Amazonu umesto kupovine celih albuma. Ideja o “iTunes vestima” nije potpuno nova. Ona je začeta još 2009. godine kada je kolumnista u svom članku predložio ovaj način plaćanja...



Posted on Jul 22 by

2013 – 2010. P. world / CEO 2010. Saatchi & Saatchi / Managing Director 2008 – 2010. Fame Magazine / Editor 2008 – 2009. McCannErickson Group / CEO 2005 – 2007. Trident Media Group / CEO 2003 – 2008. Gloria Magazine / Deputy Editor in...



Posted on Jul 22 by

I am currently looking for public relations or marketing opportunity, to use my experience and abilities in the area of Communications and Public Relations, together with my executive management skills for the benefit of company, projects, clients and its products. I have gathering work experience for the past ten years in communications, primarily in corporate communications and public relations: Experience of working in communications (marketing, public relations and journalism), ability to understand client’s objectives, industry and mission statement, to use public relations tools, marketing tools, the web and social media, to engage brand with target audiences, to accomplish results by designing, delivering and execution of successful PR campaigns trough integrated communication approach. In the past three years I was working in marketing company P. world, creating innovative branding campaigns and Europe’s biggest marketing and PR series of events in Serbia, with the representatives of world’s largest companies such as Google, e bay, Yahoo, BBC,working with some of the biggest international and domestic brands. My experience has provided me with a strong understanding of the specific issues and needs relating to integrated communications,...



Posted on Jul 22 by

All referees are available under Recommendations: Click here.  ...


Lista najboljih svetskih PR agencija

Posted on Jul 8 by

Agencija Edelman ponovo se našla na prvom mestu liste najboljih globalnih PR agencija, “Top 250”,  sa prihodom od skoro 747 miliona američkih dolara. Na drugom mestu nalazi se agencija Weber Sandwick, navodi se na sajtu Holmes Report. Agencija Edelman se godinama nalazi na prvom mestu liste World PR Report/ Holmes Report, a Ričard Edelman na listama najuticajnijih i najmoćnijih globalnih PR stručnjaka. Edelman se takođe nalazi na samom vrhu najvećih globalnih PR agencija, sa više od pet hiljada zaposlenih u preko 65 gradova, a poseduje i specijalizovane firme, kao što su Edelman Berland (research), Blue (advertising), BioScience Communications (medical communications). Pročitajte više o agenciji Edelman u jednom od prethodnih članaka: “Inovacija, vizija, umetnost pripovedanja priče – Edelman, Ričard Edelman.” Pogledajte kompletnu listu Top 250 Holmes...