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Growth Of Digital PR – Digital Content, SEO, Social Media

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Digital PR is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search: transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to your target audience online.

‘The Changing Face of Communications’ is a collection of 12 articles written to help the modern marketer tackle everyday digital PR challenges. Written by a selection of LewisPR in-house digital communication practitioners, each article is written in the style of a ‘how to’ with tips and easy-to-follow steps.

Not only that, but we can use social media, blogs, reviews and content to not just share news, but CREATE DIALOGUE. Connect.

Re purpose + Value = Content Marketing

One way to incorporate content marketing into mix is to re purpose content you already have (press releases) into fresh content. A single press release can be re-purposed into a Slideshare presentation, a blog post, a guest blog post, a Pinterest info-graphic, a LinkedIn news update, a post on a relevant trade publications Facebook page, an editorial opinion article for the local newspaper’s website and more.

Share, re-purpose, share again – and repeat the same process a few more times! One piece of content can flow out to multiple sources.

Instead of simply putting press release on the wire, turn it into a blog post that connects the news to an engaging viewpoint; use it as the launchpad to discuss a related issue, educate, or dive into a Q&A.

Goodbye, Silo’s – Hello, Cross-Promotion

Content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, customer service – all of these things are blended into the total solution that we are responsible for.

Once you have your content underway – take it even further with the second major piece of digital PR: SEO. This particular function should not belong to the IT silo, or the web programmer silo – it’s a marketing function that should cross into all PR activity.

Integrate search keywords to expose your news to those who are searching for similar content. Use your keyword research to drive trends press releases, byline articles and blog posts, and integrate keywords into each piece of writing for maximum impact.

Then share it on social media! The third piece of the content/search/social trifecta (in no particular order). And, build Twitter lists so you can monitor journalists on Twitter. (See this excellent MuckRack article on this topic) It’s a “must know” skill for all PR pros.

Everyone knows that social is a serious piece of “creating relationships with the public”. For the last five years, social media has impacted brand visibility with the force of a tsunami. Take advantage of it to share your content.

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