Throughout history, storytelling has been used to share knowledge, wisdom and values.

I have created my blog in 2011 and in 2017 my blog was down, more than 5000 stories well told were gone, and sure, I brought my blog back in a day, because stories will always live, they have their own life, so day by day, I am bringing back my stories, some of 5 000 stories, and writing some new stories to tell.

Stories have taken many different forms. Stories have been adapted to  to each successive medium that has emerged, from the circle of campfire to the silver screen, and now computer screen.

Driven by a passion for communications and digital storytelling, as there’s always room for new ideas and limit will never be reached, both storytelling and communication wise, my storytelling journey starts with Digital Storytelling blog.

Digital Storytelling blog is about digital PR, digital tools, digitalization of PR experts and digital impacts on PR industry today, combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search, transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to target audience online, use of social media, blogs, reviews and content to create dialogue and connect in Digital Age.